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Myth Origins

In collaboration with some of the best digital artists, Myth Origins creates a robust and unique ecosystem that includes DeFi, imaginative NFTs, P2E card game, and much more! Join us on this epic exploration of mythical creatures from around the world.



MYTH tokens will be the integral part of the MYTH Ecosystem. Stake MYTH to earn MYTH. Farming will also include additional pools.


Trade MYTH directly on our website. Our swap evolution will include trade of all major cryptos with a rebate reward paid in MYTH.


Protect your assets, stake, farm, buy, and sell MYTH all within your wallet. Beautifully designed and awesome experience.

Myth NFT Marketplace

Mint or buy an NFT with random rarity and gives you a free game card pack. Upgrade items also available on the marketplace.

Myth NFT Farm

Once NFTs are launched, stake them for MOGN or convert them to jewels. Upgrading NFTs will increase the stats of your myth creature.

Myth Origins P2E Card Game

Battle your friends and others with a nostalgic gameplay and earn the game currency and/or random jewels (upgrades your card) or cards.

Myth DAO (Governance)

Myth Origins is all about the community. We want members to have a stake in the future of the project with amazing proposals.

The Myth Museum

See the mythical creatures with an immersive augmented reality (AR) museum inspired experience that you can share with friends.

The Myth Library

Search and learn more about the origins of these mythical creatures and cultural influences from around the world.



Total Supply ($MYTH)


Initial Circulating Supply


Initial Market Cap


Listing Price


Fully Diluted Market Cap


Total Tokens for Sale


Min/Max Contribution


No VC. Community rounds only
Whitelist Soon


  • Ancient World

    Phase 1

    Ancient World

    • Launch Socials & Website
    • MYTH Token Sale
    • DEX Listing
    • MythSwap
    • Marketing
  • Medieval World

    Phase 2

    Medieval World

    • MYTH Staking
    • NFT Sale
    • NFT Marketplace
    • Special Airdrop Marketing
    • CEX Listings
  • Early Modern World

    Phase 3

    Early Modern World

    • MythWallet
    • Myth NFT Farming
    • Myth Origins Card Game
    • Partnerships and Marketing
    • Myth DAO
  • Modern World

    Phase 4

    Modern World

    • The Myth Library
    • The Myth AR Museum
    • Myth Origins v2
    • Myth Charity
    • Myth Origins Merch
  • Modern World

The Team


Master Planner

Worked with top blockchain projects since 2018 and advised few top crypto launchpads. An avid fantasy fiction fan, Noble brings a deep passion for creative storytelling.


Marketing Manager

A marketing veteran from the design and creative industry with 13+ years experience developing marketing plans and sales strategies for many Fortune 500 companies.


Product Designer

Brand and product designer for many Fortune 500 companies including Disney, Toyota, and many others. Astrox can do almost anything and is always up for a design challenge.

The Engineers


Distributed team of developers from all over the world. Very skilled and have 10+ years of combined experienced in DeFi, NFTs, blockchain gaming, and multiple launchpads.

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